How to Paint IKEA Furniture

Furniture is important and useful as they beautifies your home and at the same time adds up to your home décor. The interiors of your home get a well defined touch by placing great furniture in it. Furniture is mostly of wood and talking about furniture how can we forget about Ikea furniture. They are already built and ready to use and you can choose from a variety of different kind of them according to your needs and interior setup. But to save your Ikea furniture painting the furniture is a good option to add more life to your Ikea furniture.


To save your furniture from termite attacks and also to increase their lifetime you must follow the below steps to paint. But painting the Ikea can be fun or be your worst nightmare depending on how you plan to do the job. In this article we will discuss on how to paint the Ikea furniture to increase its durability and give a sleek finish to it so that it reflects your style.



The work of painting can be easy when you remove and dismantle all the parts of the furniture and also keep them separate for further use. But while removing make sure that you keep all the parts, drawers, shelves and everything separately as you don’t have any problem at the time of assembling.


If you are going to paint over a piece which has not been painted before then this step is not for you but those who had already got their furniture painted in past and are now again looking to paint them they need to peel off the old coat of paint so that the new coating can be done. Use a metal strip or some blunt knife to peel of the paint from the surface of the furniture without damaging or peeling the wood out. Using a wire brush can come in handy while removing some old paint work.

Smoothing up

After peeling off the paint you will see that there is some uneven surface or some extra old paint left so to clear them and make the Ikea furniture’s surface clean and smooth for painting. Use a medium grit sand paper to do the smoothening part and also sand the sides and corners of the panels and the areas that you want to get painted.


After the parts are kept separately now it’s time to clean every part and panels so that the paint sticks nicely and the coat is evenly spread all over. You may use a detergent solution, anti grease agents and simple wet cloth to clean the parts up. Make sure that while cleaning you get out all the dust and debris properly. Make sure the cleaning is done properly and all the dust and debris are taken off. Now let the panels and parts completely dry before you start painting.


After sanding is done mask the area where you are going to start painting. You may use a sheet of paper or cloth to cover up the flooring or surfaces below the furniture area so that when you paint the paint doesn’t drops on your floor and make the work of painting harder. If you don’t want to detach the door knobs and some of the parts of the furniture or you may mask them too.


You already did sanding and now you have smooth surface but before painting them you should prime them with a coat of primer. You may use any primer from various available options but a shellac based primer will be best for the Ikea furniture. Priming not only helps the paint to stick properly but also get your Ikea material covered and also protects them from weather changes and also attacks of termites. Take a suitable primer and start coating your furniture using a brush or a roller and start from the middle and then move outwards.

After you are done coating let the parts of the furniture dry, now check the parts for any uneven surface or fibers that came out during priming as sometimes during priming the Ikea wooden fibers or fragments may come out so they must be sanded off so that the painting is done properly. Use the sandpaper to sand off the fibers and again clean the surfaces with a wet cloth let the parts dry. After they have dried again put a coat of the primer to the furniture and make sure that it gets dried again before you start painting.


Finally after the parts have completely dried it’s time to start painting the furniture with paint. You may go for a brush or a roller or even spray if you have one, whatever equipment you feel comfortable with and makes your work easy you can choose that. Now take the paint on a painting tray and then dip you brush or roller in it and start painting the surface with large one sided regular strokes so that the paint is done evenly. Do the work on the smaller parts first and then move on to the bigger parts so that it gets easier for you to finish it quickly and without any confusion, also paint the corners and linings of the furniture panels respectively.

When the painting is done let the freshly coated parts to dry for a few hours after they have dried start again and apply another coat of paint on them. This second coat will ensure complete and good coating and will also add gloss and shine to your furniture plus the paint work will also look great and natural. Continue till you are satisfied with the type of finish you wanted and then let the parts dry.


After all the parts have completely dried assemble all the parts of the Ikea furniture like before place all the drawers, shelves and other parts in their respective marked position. You have already marked all the parts respectively so it won’t be a problem to assemble. And after you are done you will see you have added a new look to your Ikea furniture and your interior decor.

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